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You Run the Miles, and We'll Run the Business

Freight Runners Dispatch is dedicated to keeping owner operators running. We are a family owned company bound by integrity and committed to ensuring that your business is run successfully.  We specialize in helping drivers become independent by getting their own authority up and running. For those who already have skin in the game, we keep them successful by negotiating the best lanes at the best rates, and keeping them DOT compliant.



Alexis Luke

Alexis Luke is a female minority business owner who specializes in dispatching class 8 freight. Alexis has a background in business administration, with an emphasis in logistics management. She has been revered for her consistency in providing efficient, reliable, and lucrative dispatch services.

Brandi Oliver

For over 15 years, Brandi Oliver has been a noteworthy leader in the telecommunications industry. As a sales manager, Brandi consistently exceeded quotas, increased market share, and delivered extraordinary customer service. After promoting twice and starting her own business, Brandi decided to bring her talents in sales negotiations and operations management  to the transportation industry, where they have proven to be beneficial. 


Brittany White

Brittany White is a UCLA graduate with over 10 years of experience in the sales and service industry. She has extensive training in sales negotiations and logistics operations. As a seasoned dispatch agent and business owner, she has learned what it takes to scale up and run a successful transportation company. 

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