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Kohan II: Kings Of War Torrent Download wylolang




endless twilight the thunder of wings the drums of war 43 'Open the door! Open the door!' The figure runs out of the blackness of the ground room, a silhouette Against the moon the castle is lit up 44 And the figure dashes Outside, across the courtyard Down the steps And into the street Then the figure heads For the distant city The great capital of the eastern world Where the fate of the southern islands Is decided 45 Across the winding streets Of the city The figure races Through the night Of the invisible empire Down below the castle There are doorways From which bright lights come out Into the deserted street People rush to the light 46 In a dark alleyway a light Shines from an open door The street is empty The figure runs past the house 47 An old man is lying on a couch He is in an old man's state of fear He has only just awoken And now he is feeling fear And now he is hiding From whatever or whoever 48 Why has he opened the door? He is frightened by the light The light of a stranger And he is frightened by that He does not want to be seen 49 The old man has awakened The face of the stranger Seen by the light Is something dreadful That disturbs the soul 50 The old man has opened the door And out of the door steps A figure of death 51 The stranger stares into the old man's eyes The old man looks into the eyes of the stranger And the stranger's eyes say I am your foe I am the assassin Who will kill you 52 And the stranger's eyes say It is not me Who is looking at you It is the moon The moon



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Kohan II: Kings Of War Torrent Download wylolang

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