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A Transportation Management Company


You Run the Miles,

and We'll Run the Business

Already have an active authority and ready to get loaded? 
Need to setup your operating authority so you can get running?
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Power Only
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Dry Van 
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We are Dedicated to Keeping You Running

Freight Runners Dispatch is a transportation management company. Our services include 
  dispatch, back-office/compliance services, and trucking company setup. We 
specialize in dispatching services for owner operators and carriers. Whether it's one truck or a small fleet, our goal is to keep you running the best lanes at the best rates. Our dispatchers are skillfully trained in setting up new authorities, rate negotiation, route planning, and compliance schedules. 

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New Authority Setup

MC Number/DOT
MCP/CA Number
UCR Program
BOC3 Filing 
2290 Road Tax
IRP Apportioned Plates
IFTA License/IFTA Permit


Insurance Referral

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Dispatch Services

Negotiate the Best Rates
Credit Checks
Broker Communications
Rate Confirmations
Broker Setup Packets
Lumper/Detention Requests

No Force Dispatch

You Choose the Lanes

We Negotiate the Best Rates


Compliance Services

Quarterly IFTA Filings
Collect Bills of Lading 
Collect ELD Logs
Submit Invoices for Factoring
Provide Weekly Reports
Maintain Compliance Schedules
DOT Inspection Preparation
Vehicle Maintenance Record
Document Management

Call Now! 800-399-1979

Why Work With Freight Runners Dispatch?

We Help to MAXIMIZE Your Earning Potential

We take the guesswork out of trucking for both fleet owners and owner operators by efficiently handling back office paperwork

We offer compliance services

We train our dispatchers to expertly negotiate the best rate for every load

We take weight into account when booking. No heavy, low payings loads

We take hours of service into account to ensure that drivers are well rested, and can safely hit the road

You choose the lanes you want to run

We never force dispatch

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4193 Flat Rock Dr Ste 200-292
Riverside, CA 92505
Call: 800-399-1979
Text: 951-255-8429
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